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    Fort Worth Biz Association is a group of professionals dedicated to promoting the business, agency and startup scene in Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth Biz Association is promoting business related events to people in the Forth Worth area. If you want to join us then please contact us today.

  • Parks in Fort Worth

    When thinking about how to describe Fort Worth, we would like to begin by emphasizing the fact that it is a modern city which knew how to maintain its old, authentic atmosphere. After all, you can admire the famous Longhorn cows along its city twice a day but you can also enjoy a nice meal in an elegant restaurants in the walkable downtown district. In simpler words, if you plan to move there, you have made an excellent choice. You will feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and you will not get easily bored just because there are dozens of things to do and places to visit. For example, Fort Worth’s parks are welcoming and very offering and they represent a nice escape in the hot summer days. The Northwest Community Park has a nice lake where you can fish in or simply enjoy its beauty walking around; it will also have community center soon, so it gets better. The Fort Worth Water Gardens, built in 1974, is a park displaying modern architecture. The main points of focus are represented by three water pools and a terraced knoll; they are all surrounded by cypress trees and terraces which create water cascades. This is a park where you will always enjoy returning.


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